Remi KernDirector of Risk Management at Ei Companies - January 31, 2020 - Michael worked with Remi in the same group:

"It was a pleasure working with Mike on my national construction risk audit team. His experience and advanced knowledge regarding all aspects of new construction, litigation, and forensic observation/testing make Mike a sought after commodity for anyone looking to build and lead a department utilizing this skill set. Mike has a very personable disposition along with mannerisms that reflect well in difficult situations that may be encountered with both client and internal staff interaction. He is task orientated and goal driven in all pursuits he undertakes, and I would work with Mike again without reservation whenever the opportunity may arise."

Bryan Binney - National VP of Operations at SHEA HOMES INC - January 23, 2020, Bryan was a client of Michael’s:

"Mike is very knowledgeable and an expert in his field. I've had the pleasure to work with him on many projects in locations across the country. His communication style fits perfectly into our overall training objectives. He approaches people in a non-threatening manner, without arrogance, and takes the role as coach. We have learned a great deal from Mike, and he quite literally has helped us improve our overall quality as well as to strengthen our team's knowledge."

Ray Ferrarini - Vice President Beazer Homes Northern California - January 22, 2020, Ray worked with Michael but at different companies:

"Michael is an expert in his field. Perhaps more importantly he always listens to other’s ideas and viewpoints. Searching for the best answer, assembly or methodology. Michael brings a refreshing and new approach to building science and resolving risk challenges efficiently by taking a commonsense approach."

Chip Pennington - Director, Customer Satisfaction and Quality, Shea Homes Corporate - January 29, 2020, Chip was a client of Michael’s:

"Mike has been a big part of our continuous effort to improve construction quality. His expertise and knowledge is beyond reproach. But what really makes Mike stand out is his personality and demeanor. In a position in which could be perceived negatively and picky, he navigates the issue, discusses it, and always lands on the right answer with full buy-in. He’s sharp, thorough, and communicates extremely well."

Jeffrey Hoch - Lead Architect Quality Built & Owner at Inspector-Jeff.com - February 24, 2020, Michael worked with Jeffrey in the same group:

"Michael is a valuable member of the Technical Services team at Quality Built. He is knowledgeable about construction defect risk and methods to reduce builder’s risk. He has helped improve the Risk Assessment process we use at Quality Built. He is skilled at performing forensic testing and has helped resolve a number of client's building leaks. Michael completes task on schedule and per provided scopes of work. Additionally he has helped draft work instruction revisions to improve the Technical Services team's work product. It is a pleasure to work with Michael. He is knowledgeable, creative, and a hard worker."

Rob Ripp - Motivating, Educating and Providing Solutions - January 23, 2020, Rob worked with Michael but at different companies:

"I've had the opportunity to work with Mike on several projects and found him to be engaging, professional and meticulous in his work. He has the unique ability to diffuse tense sometimes combative situations with a calm and logical approach to find solutions for all involved. I have recommended him to others just this past year and am honored to recommend him here on LinkedIn!" 

Rudy Burnett - Project Manager at Josehart Construction Management, Inc. - February 20, 2020, Rudy was a client of Michael’s:

"Michaels ability to maintain a high level of professional integrity while navigating through a myriad of extraordinary circumstances and challenges never ceases to amaze me. Being an expert in construction litigation requires an uncanny ability to remain objective and focused on veridical evidence, as well as having a seasoned perspective to apply the appropriate context by which to evaluate the evidence. In my dealings with Michael it was quite clear that he excelled at both, and I have no doubt that he will be an indispensable asset for any company that would have the good fortune of his employ, or that he will garner success in any of his future endeavors."

Jed Peace Friedland - NAFCM: National Association for Community Mediation Board Member Co-Chair Executive Committee Past Chair Membership. - March 18, 2020, Jed Peace was a client of Michael’s:

"I know Mike as a capable construction defect forensic investigator and expert with whom I have worked on dozens of large projects involving complex claims for large damages. Mike is consistently punctual, positive, pragmatic and creative. He has a wealth of experience in construction from dirt to roof, water management, construction management and variety of nuanced considerations often overlooked in the construction of a wide variety of structures. Mike has a great sense of humor, a kind heart and unbridled enthusiasm for any challenge."

Savannah Cuthbert - Marketing Professional - Nutrition, Wellness or Fitness Industries - January 24, 2020, Savannah worked with Michael in different groups:

"I had the pleasure of working with Mike at Quality Built for the past four years. He was one of the most knowledgeable, talented and professional inspectors at the company. In fact, he was one of the few expert witnesses on the team. Mike was always willing to work overtime and gave every project his all. With me being in the marketing department, I was especially impressed with his ability to translate technical jargon to marketable sales language. Mike is intelligent, charismatic, hard-working, dependable and an effective communicator. An asset to any team."

Mark Hunter - President, Hunter Plumbing Consulting, Inc. - May 26, 2020, Mark worked with Michael but at different companies:

"I have known Michael for about 20 years. In that time I have been impressed more than once with his ingenuity and talents. He has shared ideas with me that were seemingly cutting edge at the time, that then proved their worthiness in a short period of time. I knew Michaels father and I can attest to the solid background of values and integrity that has been handed down to Michael. He is a personable man with a lot to offer. We have both worked in the same industry at times, and his attention to detail was notable. I am happy to consider him a friend and colleague."

Ella Montgomery - Operations Manager Shea Homes-Trilogy at the Vineyards - February 9, 2020, Ella worked with Michael but at different companies:

"Our team has worked with Mike on a quarterly basis. He is highly knowledgeable and extremely approachable. Our team looks forward to the time when he’s reviewing the site and we all learn something from each visit. His feedback is delivered in a cooperative fashion as a mentor and not a gotcha mentality. He is a true professional and expert in his field."

Korey Carroll - Regional Operations Manager at Shea Homes - February 7, 2020, Korey was a client of Michael’s:

"Mike is a knowledgeable, cooperative, and insightful Construction Professional. Mikes attention to detail is uncompromised, and has brought a wealth of knowledge and training to my team and organization."

Scott Cline - Director of Operations at Quality Built - January 23, 2020, Scott worked with Michael in different groups:

"I have had the pleasure to work with Mike and benefit from his knowledge and collaboration. He is engaged and always willing to achieve the best results in any situation. Mike's honesty and integrity is a direct reflection of who he is and how he conducts business."

Mark Gobitas CGC PX BN - Project Manager at The Vertex Companies, Inc. - February 12, 2020, Mark Gobitas was senior to Michael but didn’t manage directly

"Michael is a Hard worker, and always up for a challenge! Michael is very thorough and has vast knowledge of Construction claims and the litigation process. Always trustworthy and personable, and a pleasure to work with."

Professional Recommendations: