Oikos Design specializes in single family, multi-family, mid & hi-rise projects


Construction Defect Litigation Consulting (Water Intrusion Investigation - Forensic Inspection - Property Damage Evaluation - Destructive Testing)

Mr. Sutton specializes in assessing construction defect claims and providing litigation support on a full range of project types including single family, multi-family and mid / hi-rise.   Based on claims, we evaluate existing and previous conditions, analyze project and case documents and provide repair recommendations and responses to assist in the dispute and or remediation resolution process. 

We specialize in providing forensic inspection and investigation services of failed building assemblies to determine causation and extent of damages.  When buildings leak, the cause can often be multi-sourced creating challenges for stakeholders to determine responsible parties and determine a proper course of action.  We provide detailed methodology to determine cause, source and parties allowing stakeholders to engage in a resolution process with accurate information. 


Monitor/Owners Representative Services for Building Envelope (Fenestration,    Weather Resistive Barriers, Roofing & Deck Waterproofing Assemblies, etc.)

Seasoned consultants providing new construction, remediation and repair monitor and/or quality assurance services to ensure your property assets are being properly built to manufacturer recommendations, code requirements and approved construction documents.  We provide expert onsite monitor and/or quality assurance services for waterproofing (below grade or above grade); building envelope (Weather Resistive Barrier - WRB, window/door/penetrations); exterior cladding and roofing. 


Construction Risk Audit & ASTM/AAMA Fenestration Water Testing

The construction risk evaluation is one of the last lines of defense a building team has to identify and address common construction risks that typically lead to construction defect and warranty claims.  We perform in-depth onsite risk audit of on-going single family, multi-family and mid & high rise construction from grade to finish, drawing review, project execution and OSHA / SWPPP compliance. We evaluate projects and provide project specific presentation/training to national executives and local build team regarding: deviations from code, manufacturer installation recommendations and approved drawing documents; industry standards for workmanship, reviewing best practices and strategies for preventing defective work.

We also provide ASTM/AAMA water testing and reporting of newly installed fenestration products as well as similar water testing and forensic destructive testing to determine cause of failure and extent of damage.


Residential Property and Business Inspections (Virtual Inspections Too!)

Oikos Design performs residential property inspections for sale, investment reserve studies and planning as well as property management asset reviews. 

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